Level 4 Counselling

and how Transactional Analysis can be a complimentary tool

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a popular form of psychotherapy that has been in use for over 50 years.

It has proven to be an effective approach to counselling and has been widely adopted by therapists worldwide. One of the key benefits of TA is that it provides a structured framework for understanding and analysing human behavior, which makes it a valuable tool for level 4 counselling.


What is Level 4 Counselling?

Level 4 counselling refers to advanced counselling techniques that are designed to help clients with complex or severe mental health issues. This level of counselling requires a high level of expertise and training, as it involves working with clients who may have multiple issues that need to be addressed. Some examples of issues that may require level 4 counselling include depression, anxiety, trauma, and personality disorders.

Transactional Analysis as a Tool for Level 4 Counselling

One of the key strengths of TA is that it provides a framework for understanding human behavior and the relationships between people. It is based on the idea that people develop certain patterns of behavior in childhood that continue to influence their behavior throughout their lives. These patterns are referred to as "ego states" and include the parent, adult, and child ego states.

By understanding these ego states and how they influence behavior, counsellors can help clients identify and change unhelpful patterns of behavior. This can be particularly valuable in level 4 counselling, where clients may be struggling with complex or long-standing issues that are deeply ingrained.

Training in Transactional Analysis

To become proficient in TA, counsellors need to undergo specialised training. There are several levels of training available, including a Level 4 course that provides advanced training in TA theory and practice. This course is designed for experienced counsellors who are looking to deepen their knowledge of TA and develop their skills in working with complex clients.

During the Level 4 counselling course, counsellors will learn about advanced techniques for working with clients, including the use of ego state diagrams, working with transference and counter-transference, and integrating other therapeutic approaches with TA. They will also have the opportunity to practice these techniques in a supervised setting, which will help them to build confidence and develop their skills.

To conclude

Transactional Analysis is a powerful tool for level 4 counselling, providing a structured framework for understanding and analysing human behavior. By undergoing specialised training in TA, counsellors can develop their skills and expertise, enabling them to work effectively with clients who have complex mental health issues. If you are interested in pursuing a career in counseling or are looking to deepen your existing counseling skills, consider enrolling in a Level 4 TA course.

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The TA 101 counts as 12 hours continuing personal and professional development in Transactional Analysis.

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The course is delivered using creative and experiential training as well as academic study that gives a broad overview of Transactional Analysis. Even if you are not interested in continuing a career in therapy, these two days will provide a wealth of understanding into yourself, your relationships and the choices you make in your life. This training does not give you a qualification to work with clients, but in addition to a previously held qualifications in counselling or psychotherapy it can provide additional valuable tools and learning. This course is an entry level requirement for the first year of training at TAC. Your place will be held once the booking form is received and the deposit made. Please read the short course contract.

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Two training days:

Spring TA101 - 4th and 5th March 2023

Summer TA101 - 24th and 25th June 2023

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