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23/5/22 - Sarah's thoughts

We recently had the last weekend of our training in eco therapy. One of the exercises used a buddhist meditation that has been used in both Process Oriented Psychology (Mindell) and also in spiritual Transactional Analysis practice. The exercise is to look at everything with equal attention, and as you look at each thing that your eye lights on, you repeat; 'I am that...'One of our advanced trainees wrote the following response to this experience:

  • I am the forest and everything in it

  • I am the delicate ecosystem, all my parts valued and necessary.

  • I am the wild majestic and wise oak - but I am also the fallen broken leaf, discarded and broken and decomposing.

  • I am the nettle, and I am the ant.

  • I am the bumble bee in search of flowers

  • .I am each and every bluebell in this wild wood.

  • I am the amazing smell that my favourite place carries.

  • I am the new fledgling bird sitting on the edge of the nest.

  • I am the tiny oak sapling on the edge of the footpath, waiting to be trampled - I am the foot that tramples it.

  • I am the rock, the boulder, the hillside, rigid and unmoving until I crumble away.

  • I am the soil, and I am the seed - I am the aeroplane flying away, escaping, and moving at speed.

  • I am the raging sun that will burn your flesh - I am the glorious rays you wish to bask in.

  • I am the wind that rustles the tips of the high trees - I am powerful, all-encompassing, everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

  • I am the many layers and ecosystems that make up me, make up us, make up we.